Thursday, February 7

Questions, so many questions...

Where am I going?
Budapest, Hungary. Eastern Europe. 8 hour flight. Can you say Xanax?

Who travels with me?
Last year, it was just Mel. This year Glenn (Mel's hubby) and Texas Greg are coming along. That should be loads of fun, if you like grumpy and guffawing. At least the girls will be in one room and the stinky boys in the other.

Why, why, why Budapest?
Our home church in Baltimore, MD has churches all over the world. They have a pow-wow twice a year, once in Europe and once at our homebase. The pow-wow this time of year is in Europe.

I have to mention that in college I became fast friends with many Hungarians, they are beautiful people inside and out and I also took a semester of Hungarian(and yes, I can speak egy kicsit). I will be walking around the house with my tapes as a refresher.

What will I do with Polly? Oh my god, will I blog while I'm gone? And what else will I do while I'm there?
Don't worry puppy fans. She will join the pack at Mel's house. The nanny LOVES my doggy so she'll be well cared for.

I'm pretty sure I will not blog while overseas. Internet=boku buckaroos. But stay tuned. I may surprise ya.

Mainly we'll be at the conference, attending different sessions, hanging out with old friends, meeting new people, eating strange but wonderful food, walking around the city and one of my (our) friends is gonna take us bowling the day after we arrive. I'm also looking into meeting up with at least one of the girls that stayed with me last summer. Right now, it's looking like a 10 hour train ride to Romania but maybe we can figure something out.

Anyone with experience on train-ing it in Europe? Just when I think I've found a good site to use, I discover it's in Ro-gar-ssian.

When do I leave?
NEXT month baby. March 5-11th. Woot!


Kate said...

I'm half hungarian...yay for hungarians!

I hope you have a blast! It sounds like a ton of fun, I'm totally jealous.

melissious said...

O.M.G. Chan just IM'd me to say GOODBYE!!! I didn't realize it was my nanny's* last day and she's going back to freakin' INDIA!

*On a related issue, thank your lucky stars that the new dog lover is taking over just in time! :) Chan still hates Sadie. I just realized I haven't seen her all night - she's CRATED!!! I feel SO awful!

26 DAYS & COUNTING!!! ...

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! Have a wonderful time in Hungary.. I'm sure that country will never be the same after you leave.. :)

amanda said...

I trained from England to Scotland once, overnight. It wasn't bad aside from the whole bunk bed deal! haha I love to travel. I can't wait until my daughter gets a little older, and I can go to Europe again. I adored it.

melissious said...

I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!