Tuesday, February 5

Darn scale predictions and AWARDS

I was right this time. My crappy eating last week did NOT, repeat not, pay off. You know those times when you feel as if you're gonna gain and then don't (I LOVE those times). Well, this was not one of those times. I'm up 0.6. On a positive note, at least I'm still in the 170's.

Last night I did 45 minutes of strength training, a workout formulated by SP. I have to say when I got home, everything hurt but in a good way. Then I made a healthy dinner broiled potatoes and chicken and then tuned into my all-time favorite show The New Adventures of Old Christine. Dreyfuss is freaking awesome and I nearly pee my pants whenever I watch. And I could just strip all my clothes off and throw myself at melt at Mr. Harris. But I digress.

It's so easy to slip away from the gym even after weeks of going but I have to say it felt really good to be back!

Yesterday I had some time to poke around on a few new sites and found Secrets of a Black Heart and Shamelessly Sassy. Funny, funny gals. If you're in need of a laugh, I'm sure they've got one for you.

And finally, I've always wanted to be a presenter at the awards shows and since that'll never happen I'm gonna give one out here. There's only rule. Hand it out to as many people as you'd like.

And the award goes to...........

Where the hell is Barbie?
I know I'm not the only reader to laugh so hard to the point of snorting. She's AMAZING and inspires me. She's got this picture of a magazine cover of HER on it and she has quite the amazing before and after. Not only is she a great read I always see her comments floating around on others' blogs encouraging them.

She's another one you CONSTANTLY see floating around building others up. She has been my longest and most faithful blog friend. She's an amazing person with great food habits (Hostess 100's). And recently she made LIFETIME. She's beautiful, funny, smart and she's worth a read.

She's the whole reason I started the bloggy thingie (that was for you HappyBlogChick). I joined to have some accountability, to share my thoughts because quite honestly I felt like no one did understand this struggle. As a result I got a whole COMMUNITY of people dropping comments saying encouraging words, giving me a "hang in" just when I needed it. She has a great site with food ideas, rants (which I love), exercises but most importantly the amazing community which is just the support you need.

If you're looking for someone to ooze positivity, look not further. It's not the annoying kind either. She almost always throws some inspirational quote our way. She BAKES but using healthy alternatives and she has a daily puppy on her blog. :)) She's such a sweetheart working on her own weight goals but is so quick to have a word of encouragement to me and many others.

Happy Tuesday!


Kate said...

*HUGS* thanks for the award! you rocks!

As far as the gain, psshh, .6 is nothing. You will have that off, plus some next week. And at least you know exactly why you gained, that's half the battle!

Steph said...

OMG - thank you soooo much - you totally made me cry. The struggles have really been weighing on me lately - both emotionally and physically...so I really needed that boost!!

I heart you and I am so proud of you for hitting the weights. It is hard to get back in the groove of loving the gym but you are already on fire so suck it up for a couple of days and before you know it - the urge to be with GYM will have infected you!

Thanks again for naming me......I'm honored!! Somedays I really feel like a big "blah" but knowing that others see me the way that you do is a huge LONG DISTANCE HUG - I really needed that today!!

Swizzlepop said...

OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG Thank you! Wow, I'm honored. I can't believe you thought of me. And in such great company too. WOW! You totally made my day. And if it wasn't that my husband would ask to see my blog I'd share this with him. WOW. I'm kinda speachless. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! (can you see me blushing?)

amanda said...

Thank you for the link! :) I'm always happy to find more people to laugh at--i mean with me. :) haha.

HappyBlogChick said...

Congrats on living the dream in re: presenting at the awards show.

That's a super duper thingie.

And good work on the strength training!

Roni said...

Thanks SO much! I'm sorry I haven't seen it until no. I can't keep up anymore!!!!