Tuesday, January 22

.35 caliber

  • I'm set to work 60 hrs this week unless I take a day off.

  • I'm tired.

  • I shouldn't complain because I get paid overtime.

  • Plus bonuses.

  • I'm leaving early today.

  • Polly has been acting funny the past few days.

  • I hope it's not her new roommates (well, my new roommates).

  • I'd have to beat them & lock them in a closet if they were mean to her.

  • She's with me today laying in front of my portable heater.

  • I got it last year because the girl I worked with always had a problem with the temperature.

  • I'm loving the new blogs I've been reading lately.

  • I really liked the post I read today on Roni's blog about an "almost eating disorder".

  • I haven't finished the article but found myself nodding thru the first two pages.

  • I ate Chinese food today.

  • I'm drinking lots of water.

  • My new pet peeve is when skinny people who have always been skinny give weight loss advice.

  • It's apparently supposed to snow today (yay!) but all I see is rain (boo!).

  • I have to go #2 but the bathroom is really gross because someone else had the same idea and it overflowed.

  • I hope no one expects me to clean it.

  • I hope I can hold it until I get home.


melissious said...

Ewwww!!! I hope someone fixed it by now!! Otherwise I'm in trouble, because I've been drinking a TON of water today and that means I'll be needing to use the facilities alot tomorrow!

Swizzlepop said...

Um EEEWWW!!! Do you only have one bathroom in that office of yours? I think a company meeting needs to be called regarding bathroom/toilet ettiquette.

Steph said...

GROSS - the people in my office constantly flood the bathroom.....good lord people are nasty!!

I hope Polly's okay and you get some rest this week......60 hours is A LOT!!! HUGS to you and Polly!

Anonymous said...

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