Wednesday, January 30


I have a confession. Downing my H2O is not my only struggle. Fruit and veggies are too! Especially in the winter because everything is out of season. I can't WAIT for some watermelon!!

The other day at the grocery store I picked up impulse buy this fruit snack that was in the checkout aisle (next to all the candy). I'm always looking for new healthier treats when I'm feeling "snacky" so I opted to try them. They're called Fruitabu (two dots belong over the u) and they are organic smooshed fruit. I was surprised that they actually taste very, very good.

I entered the points in Roni's calculator and for two they came to 1.2 pts (40 calories/0 fat/1 fiber). And they each count as a 1/2 serving of fruit! I guess their market is toward kids to get them to eat more fruit or healthier snacks but why can't adults enjoy it to? For those of you that have kids who like to play on the computer, this is a fun little site for them. And if you're interested in purchasing them, you can get it directly from them (I also noticed them on Amazon too).

Here is their link: Fruitabu
ps. My tree is still up. My bff is sick and I went straight to her house after work yesterday to make food and help with the 4 kiddos (5 if you count the hubby). Any volunteers to de-decorate my tree?


Amanda said...

You are a GREAT friend to help your BFF when she is sick. That is just awesome and I know she appreciates it!

Kate said...

That is so sweet of you to go and help your BFF with her 5 kiddos when she is sick, I'm sure something like that is invaluable!

Steph said...

Gee - I need a BFF like you - LOL! Actually my BFF would probably come help but then she would have to bring her kids to my house and that doesn't sound condusive to recovery - LOL!

Those Fruitabu things sound yummy - I've tried some other organic fruit leathers and really liked them. I may have to search these out - 40 calories is a bargain!!

P.S. I agree with you on the fruit and veggie thing - GAWD I can't wait for Spring!

Swizzlepop said...

Am I really that spoiled living in CA where we get things pretty much year round?
You know me and F&V, lately I've been taking these 3x a day and they seem to be working,