Monday, January 7

I love to sleep but CANT....

Last night I stared at my tv until waaaay past 3 am. Please note that I was in bed long before then. Anyhoo... I "fell asleep" until about 5 am at which point I woke up about every 5 or 10 minutes until I realized I wasn't getting any sleep progress and got UP up at 6:30 am. It's now 3:12 pm and I feel like this is the longest day of my life. I just can't wait to get home and walk my Polly girl and veg. I'm so brain dead. Even one of the guys said to me "I'm not used to you being scatterbrained". It's TRUE.. combine that with the TOM hormones and you have me... a big ol' airhead.

I've noticed that when I don't sleep well, I get very snacky, like 12 Twizzlers snacky. Yikes. Who told me to keep a fully stocked candy jar on my desk? I do it for the boys I tell myself and 9 times out of 10 I stay away from the goodies.. but that ONE time, I am BAD. Sorry for all the caps.

Right now I'm (at work) working on reversing a chargeback that our company received. I don't know how many of you know what that means but basically it's like this: have you seen those Amex commercials where Amex calls the customer (let's say Ellen) and says did you happen to purchase 15 dancing monkeys and she says "nope" and then they reverse the charges, just like that? Well it's almost like that for us except that a customer is "claiming" that we have no right to hit their credit card. So poof! the money is zapped from our account and either put in credit card hold or back into their account. Now if the company is in the right, how is that FAIR? To get our money back, I have to put pages upon pages of documentation together to PROVE that we're right. We're accused of being guilty and have to prove why we're innocent while the cardholders can just make frivilous accusations. After much hard work, I did get them to reverse this once before but the cardholder apparently has the right to appeal and we have to start the process all over a second time. It makes me want to petition someone or start something (I don't know what) that would protect companies (especially smaller ones) from this kind of thing. Whew, ok.. guess I had a little vent there. Sorry.

I love that you guys love my Polly pictures. I post pics of my dog because I don't have kids. Here's another one. A little dark but I'm in love with her face.


Kate said...

Girl you have a child, her name is Polly ;) That's what I always tell people, I have children, they just have four legs and tails :)

I hate the nights when I can't fall asleep, I hate them! I also get snacky when I'm very tired, perhaps that is why they say that people who get a full 8 hours of sleep a night are less likely to be overweight? Who woulda thunk it.

HappyBlogChick said...

Being tired is when I'm most vulnerable to really rich comfort food. Twizzlers - it could be worse, right?

BTW, found your blog by linking through ... someone's ... lost track now, but I really enjoy your writing. Thanks for sharing your story.

Amanda said...

I can sooooo understand the insomnia! It SUCKS!!!!!!! I've had it for a while now so I can sympathise. I hope you get some much needed sleep tonight!!!

And yes you do have kids...her name is Polly! Before I had DS (and before digital cameras), I would take a whole roll of film on my doggie!!

melissious said...

Ha ha, I like your new blog roll. :D It looks SO much better like that! Of course, I haven't blogged in months, so being at the top doesn't help me much. ;)
I love LOVE that picture of Polly. It really captures her. I want to kiss her!
I hope you're snuggled up in your bed SLEEPING right now!! I'm about to go try to do the same thing.

melissious said...

Oh, and those are MY twizzlers, BACK OFF!!!

Colette said...

I am so in love with Polly. How can you not love her look at her face! I bet she is so sweet tempered and loves to be loved on!!!
Kids are great but you don't have to put dogs through COLLEGE!! Enjoy your time with her, once you have kids it is ALL CONSUMING!! Hell I have not peed alone in 12 years!! LOL I swear its true!!
As for the not sleeping..I am the opposite. I have to eat something or I CAN"T sleep!! LOL weird huh!!