Thursday, January 17

Who gets wisdom teeth at 29?

My body has decided it's time once again to produce my wisdom teeth. They didn't start until my early twenties and never made it to surface because there isn't room in my small mouth (my hygienist says I have a small mouth, my friends beg to differ). So through the years, I've been enduring off and on a few days of pain, mixed with lots of Advil and sympathy from every other normal person that either got them out or managed to get them before they were 25. I have flashbacks of the bff's sister who got them out at 20. She looked... well... like a chipmunk. Not to mention how much pain she was in. Couple that image in my head along with all the stories of how "it's worse the older you are" and you have me, a basket case. Oh yeah, not to mention the dental bill at $1200 bucks an hour. I am in the wrong field... although blood grosses me out, so I guess I'm not. Any tips, tricks, extra meds you all aren't using? Let me know.... :))


Kate said...

Well look at the sure the heck won't feel like eating for a couple days!

I had mine out when I was 18, they were crazy impacted and hurt like Heck when they were in. Honestly though, recovery really wasn't bad, a little sore and swollen, but nothing a sister can't handle, believe me!

melissious said...

Is it bad that I had zero sympathy for Mindy when she looked like a chipmunk?? I never thought of it that way... only as the butt of many jokes. Poor baby. I PROMISE I won't torment you with chipmunk jokes if that happens to you. (Man it's hard to type with my fingers crossed!) Well, I'll get some good illegal meds for you, so you won't even remember it anyway. ;)

Amanda said...

I had mine out when I was 17 I think. Mine were impacted too. Yeah it sucked and I looked horrid for a few days, but it was welllll worth it to have them out! And hey...the drugs are pretty good that they give you! :)

Melanie said...

I had mine out when I was 15 I think. But I had a tough time with all the meds they gave me. NONE of my friends had issues with it just me. Ended up the only pain med I could take was regular tylenol. After that issue was taken care of recovery wasn't bad at all.

Swizzlepop said...

UGH, I can't remember when I had mine out but it was all 4 at once but I was lucky that they weren't impacted or infected, they just all had cavities and had to come out. I was lucky and stil living at home so my mom took care of me.
I remember her not letting me lay down, I had to sit in teh reclining chair but was only allowed to lay back half way because if you lay down all teh way then you risk swallowing blood which will make you sick (this is after the surgery) so remember that. Lots of soft food, scrambled eggs, mashed potatoes, soup, smoothies. Take the pain meds and ICE (all the time). Keep ice packs on your face, it helps with the pain and swelling. I never had chipmuck face and I had all 4 pulled out at once. ALso be sure to follow the rincing instructions that they give you and watch what you eat because the last thing you want is shit getting stuck in those pockets. GOod luck and let's just hope that this means you have REALLY strong bones :)

MMalloy said...

Ick!! I had mine out at 22, all four impacted and all 4 with dry sockets a week later.
It is something I rather not remember, I don't remember coming home that day but I do remember passing out in class 2 days later from the pain. I am sure you will have much better luck becuase all of us will be praying for a fast pain free recovery!
The drugs are good, I couldn't take them becuase of some other health issues which made for a long recovery.