Tuesday, January 29

8 Gulps

Comic courtesy of: Msnbc Comics

I am one of those that is HORRIBLE at drinking my daily required water but I've been trying so hard! I'm a huge Crystal light user but decided to cut back quit cold turkey and just drink the pure stuff. I know I'm corny but competition, even against myself, is so helpful. So today I came up with an 8 gulp rule.

Every hour, pretty much on the hour, I've been taking 8 gulps. I started at 10 am (because I need my coffee before anything else) and now at 12:57pm I'm almost done with a 1.5 liter bottle. I drink at least two of these a day... It's easier than at 11:59 pm trying to down my 8 glasses for the day.

I can't believe that I'm actually starting to lose weight. I'm 179.2 and I know I'm only down a few pounds but I don't feel as if I've lost any weight (except in my boobs). I lose from the head down and have already begun to say buh-bye to my girls. :(( Oh well, they're saggy anyway.

ps. My tree is still up. It's coming down tonight!


Kate said...

You know pre-WW's I barely drank anything (except cheap wine of course, lol), but I could go all day without drinking an ounce of water, through meals and everything. I just slow increased my water intake, and now I take in between 96 and 128 ounces a day of plain water. I still do have to consciously do it though.

HappyBlogChick said...

We FINALLY took our tree down this past weekend. Of course, the ornaments are still in boxes in the living room, but at least I can say the tree is down.

Feeling like you're losing weight takes time. Hang in there.

And yay for your fabu liquid intake!

So my daily weight tracker dealy ... probably the easiest thing would be for me to email you the code. You can send me an email (my email addy is in my profile) and I will send it in a txt message that you can copy and paste into an html sidebar thingie.

Thingie ... dealy ... is it clear I'm no techie?

Also, Amy does her tables a different way. Here are her instructions: http://shapingupmylife.blogspot.com/2008/01/how-to-create-table-in-googles-blogger.html

Swizzlepop said...

Good tactic! I remember reading somewhere that another trick is to get a jar or wol or some type of container and then 8 pennies. At the beginning of each day you start with a fresh stack of pennies (using the same ones daily) and every time you drink a glass (8oz) you deposit a penny into the container (penny, rock, whatever). Once you run out of pennies you're done. Mayne that would work for you since it's also like a game that you win.
The husband hates plain water too so I try and get him to do at least half Crystal Light and half water or herbal tea.

Roni said...

I LOVE this idea!

and I also lose head down. LOL I My ace lost the most weight early, then my boobs, then my arms, legs and so on. It's funny how our bodies all hold onto weight differently.

MargaritFox said...

That's awesome! Good Job On the water. I hate getting mine into. I'm challenging my self to have 2 glasses in by 1030. 2 by 230 and 2 by bedtime 8ish. I also reward myself with something flavored in between, if I have room!

Another note I use Lemon or some lime to flavor it up and make sure it's cold. See if that helps you. Good luck see you next time!