Friday, January 4

Meatloaf is the answer...

Are your cupboards bare? Do you have 2 lbs of ground turkey already two days thawed in your fridge? Are you out of spaghetti sauce and the only thing you can come up for a "ground turkey" meal involves pasta, which involves spaghetti sauce? Did I mention I'm out of sauce? Well, after much being in a rut about all the uses of ground turkey which I couldn't do because it would mean I'd have to pay a visit to the store, I came up with MEATLOAF. Yay!

Tonight's featured dinner:

Nutritional Info: Mashed Potatoes/Turkey Meatloaf

Total POINTS: 7

Side note: I'm overwhelmed by the responses I received when I posted my "before" pics. We are not made to be alone for many reasons but in this realm we just need people who will be there to be what we need. I hope that I or something I write inspires or is something that you can nod to because you know just what I'm feeling.

You all are so beautiful! Thank you, thank you, thank you for your support!


Kate said...

Meatloaf is always the answer...YUM!

Swizzlepop said...

Now I know who you are on SP! :)
That looks yummy, especially teh mashed potatoes! Is that Ketchup on your turkey loaf? I seriously need to learn to take better food pics, mine alwasy look like poo. Can you send 2 plates of that turkey loaf and mash over hear please =D?

Anonymous said...

Wow.. you take gorgeous pictures and you can cook too... Looks soooo Yummy.. :)

Steph said...

OMG - I love meatloaf and so does the hubby! Gonna have to steal your idea - you don't mind do you???

BTW - you look fantastic. The best thing is that you are already beautiful so things are only going to get better!! LUCKY (said in my best Napolean Dynamite voice)

byebyechunkymonkey said...

Good Job on the loaf of meat:)
I read that you have never been to Cali, I’m from Sacramento and when I return back from Afghanistan you should visit and we can go celebrate are SMALLER booty’s in Vegas...and invite all our blog losers(in a good way I say losers)

Amanda said...

Oooh...that looks DELISH!!!!!

Meatloaf may be on our menu next week...sounds awesome!

melissious said...

Ummm, can I have some please? 7 points including the taters??? MMMMmmmm!!!