Saturday, January 5

Technical Difficulties

Thanks to all those who previously though I had a HIGH PITCHED voice!!! WTF!!! Just kidding. Actually I have gotten comments that they didn't expect me to talk the way I do. Um???? Guess I should either ghetto or valley girl it up for ya'll. Hee hee..

Ok, about my title. My wireless is down and the tech support in freaking cluck-cluck land is helpless.

Pet peeves about foreign tech support:
- they never understand me and I never understand them
- the background noise is OVERWHELMING. If I wanted to listen to the whole nation of Cluck Cluck, I would have done 4 billion way calling or something
- they ask me dumb questions like "can you connect to your wireless" when that is the problem I called them about in the first place
- they call themselves SUPPORT and then say "I can't help you with your problem, maybe you should tried downloading new firmware or return your product". WHAT???

So now, I'm using my hardwired computer (if you're wondering). Heading out to get a new router (this will be my 5th one) and hopefully I'll be connected to the interweb in my room again. Cross your fingers and toes. *said in my highest, pitchiest voice*



Swizzlepop said...

Not Ghetto Valley Girl LOL. I actually didn't think either of those I was just thinking more of an alto and I think you are actually more of a tenor if that makes any sense. I would have been shocked if you were a soprano. :)

Og god don't even get me started on tech support. I lose my damn mind wiht them all the time because all they do is repeat what you say and never have a solition. It's like they read from a script and that is it. I have yet to have them fix my computer since it went to overseas. I don't get it. I have heard that wireless routers die a lot sometiems but 5? Did ou try resetting that and the modum together to "cycle" it? Also make sure the router anteni are sticking up and ideally with as few walls in the way of it and you. We had issues with ours after likek 2 years and it had to do with the splitters that the phone cords went into (DSL w/wireless) and phone cord that was going into the modem was jacked up so we had to change it out. Maybe the same for you?

Swizzlepop said...

I was also expecing an accent of some sort. Like a "bal'mer hon" or something but now that I know your from Mass then I'm not really sure ;)