Tuesday, January 8

Holy hell.. I'm out of shape

Literally, I sit here gasping for breath wondering what possessed me to ask my neighbor if she had a pump. Your inquiring mind may wish to know what that pump was for so I will tell you. My bike. Well actually Dasha's bike. Dasha is a Russian that lived with me as part of the "program". One of her really big wants was a bike to ride in the US. So for her birthday, I, well we since most of the other girls chipped in, bought her one. When she left for Mothah Rushah this past September, she did not take it with her. So I have a new bike! Which leads me to my insanity.

I decided that in all of my learnings from the Dog Whisperer, that Polly may enjoy a good bike ride. Well that's me riding, her running. Let me tell you, it's not as easy as Cesar Millan makes it look. Damn him. Polly about pulled my arm out of the socket 10 times. She full on stopped and almost made me flip over the handle bars. And stopping.. what's that?? I swear I was FLYING I was going so fast and then when I went to apply the trusty brakes... I had to squeeze like I was having the worst contraction or something (I've never had babies but I've had bad cramps).

So now, here I sit, sweating, panting, wondering... and we were only out for 5 minutes!!

ps. There was a moment where Polly and I were in sync and she was panting and running along and having fun. Hopefully those moments with practice will get more and more frequent.


Kate said...

Oh girl, the first time I took Duke out on rollerblades with me (mind you I'd been rollerblading tons!), we can to the first turn and I went one way, he went the other, and I'm sure the neighbors got plenty of entertainment.

Good job on getting out and getting a bike ride (or at least trying!) earn you some activity points girlfriend.

melissious said...

ha ha ha! Oh, too funny. I can totally picture it! I bet Polly loved every minute of it. Scary, though. I'm sure there's a process to train a dog to run with a bike, it doesn't come naturally. I remember I used to try that with Chelsea growing up and it was always like that. :)

Colette said...

Awww Give Polly a chance to learn this is new to her too!
Ya'll will in sync before you know it! And I am sure you earned some AP as well as Polly!!

Steph said...

HOLY CRAP - what would possess you??? I can't imagine tyring to be pulled by an animal on a bike - WOW - seriously I should wear a helmet and full body armor for a stationary bike. Barbies, bikes and bulldogs are not a match but they do make for a hell of a funny story!!

Hang in there and remember that you CAN do anything that you want to do.......with practice!

tallmama said...

Ha Ha, I LOVE the Dog Whisper too, and I don't even have a dog. Good on you for even trying something new!

Bret said...

Oh... I can so relate. I just finished 'Cesar's Way' and I'm working with my guy, Jake, too.
We're running together.

I am impressed that you took Polly out for a ride. I'm not that brave yet! Jake is still confused and thinks he's all that despite my Queen Cleopatra guise.

Not to metnion I fall over now on my own because I can't seem to get unclipped. Very royal like if I do say so myself.

Keep up the great work & let us know how it goes! :)