Saturday, January 5

Polly + Boredom = Trouble

The formula above I know all too well. I have stains in my carpet because of Polly's aforementioned boredom. I have holes in things that should not have holes. I was sad last Christmas when she killed my snowman. So, I've learned in my many hours of watching the Dog Whisperer (which is quite a fabulous show) that dogs who are bored get into trouble. DUH! *actually, I DID know this before watching DW but it's still quite a great show.

Well, this morning and early afternoon I was a big lazy butt. I wanted to sleep and watch tv. I wasn't in any mood to MOVE until I noticed how restless Polly was getting. The sighs got more and more frequent and the long stares at me as if to say "mommy, can we go out now" were growing more intense. She even at one point, pushed the curtains and blinds aside so she could look out. "Oooooookay, we'll go" I said to her, thus creating quite a frenzy of excitement. She dashed down the stairs, circled the living room about 20 times and then came to a stop at the front door. Oh, I forgot to mention that I pulled out of the "special box" her Frisbee. She was over the moon. We went into the field that is across from my house and played for about 20 minutes! Sooo much fun. :))

You think I can earn some of HER activity points?


Anonymous said...

OMG... She's beautiful... What a GREAT video.. Thanks for sharing that.. :)

Swizzlepop said...

OMG How cute! I love how she brought it back and then threw it down for you to pick up. Gotta love how dogs think. She looks so happy.
Now we havea voice with the pictures and words, yay. Although your voice sounds totally different from how I had it sounding in my head. I had you pinned with a higher pitched voice, don't ask me why but I did. Not annoyingly high pitched though. LOL Thanks for sharing and I'm glad she got you to go outside.

Amanda said...

Oh she's just precious!!!!! And she made you get outside. ;) Good for her!!!!

And I totally had your voice pegged wrong. Wasn't what I expected, but different. I was thinking more high pitched too, kinda like swizzlepop. But it's good to have a face and a name and now a voice!!!

Colette said...

Polly is adorable! I love how she looked at you with those big brown eyes!!
I wish I had a dog like that but my bf is allergic to dogs and even though he doesn't live with me he would have a fit if I got one! She is honestly a cuiite and you can tell how much she loves you. Your lucky to have such a good friend in her!!
yep I agree...I thought your voice would be different too....LOL Its funny the "mental pictures" we tend to paint about people and when you "see or hear" them your like wow I didn't exspect that!! You have a nice voice too by the way!!
I am from New orleans so of coarse alot of people sound like northerners to me...LOL Guess I sound funny to them too!! hehe
Thanks for sharing the video of Polly with us!
Ok now I am going to be nosy here. Are you married or single? I don't think I have ever heard you talk about your bf or husband but then one time I thought you mention you was married? ok enough of being
Have a great weekend!!

Candace said...

Good gurl Polly. What a good gurl you are. Nice doggy. Urrr, urrr, good gurl.

Tina, would you be so kind as to pass on my message. Thanks,