Sunday, January 6


Woo woo! I'm so excited. So I got a new brand of router, hopefully that will keep me from connection problems. I know that there are worse things than your wireless being down but still... I didn't have the LUXURY of tracking my food in my room, lurking around your websites in the privacy of my pj's and total bed head, playing endless games of scrabble when I should be sleeping, etc, etc.... You say, why not use your hardwired computer? I could do that but I can't believe I forgot to mention that I have NEW GIRLS staying with me. I am a host parent to kids that come to the US on the work/travel program (Sevis). I give them a place to sleep, they work here and (hopefully) we bond and have a blast together. My last group of girls were from all over Europe and from all my posts about them, especially my goodbye tribute, I really grew to love them. They all called me "mommy". These girls are from Peru and I am hoping to have a similar bond with them. Oh back to what I was saying.. I didn't want to hog the hardwired computer because that's for them to use. :)

Today was another lazy day but I did manage to get outside and play some Frisbee again with Polly. She made a new friend today too! His name is Rockefeller. He was a HUGE retriever type dog. Very, very sweet. I can't believe I missed a photo op of the two of them. I thought I'd post a picture of Polly AFTER earning activity points. She says hi.


Amanda said...

That's what my Sophie looks like after we take her out...of course after she is begging to go out she then regrets it b/c we make her pay! :) LOL!!!

Kate said...

Awww Polly looks exhausted, I love it when Duke is that tired!

Sonya said...

That's really cool that you play host to kids from overseas. Once I get a house of my own it would be cool to do the same. I don't think anyone would want to stay with me in my little one bedroom apartment at the moment.

Glad your up and reconnected. Cute picture of Polly too. It looks like she got a great workout!

Colette said...

OMG she is still so cute even when she is tuckered out!!
Thanks for all the nice comments on my blog. I am really going to kick it in high gear and start working it to lose this weight.
{{{HUGS}}}} to you and Polly

MMalloy said...

Polly is so cute!!! I am glad you got your wireless working again, I am having similar problems at my house.
I tried calling the tech support and they asked me "Is your husband home?" I said "I am not married" and he replied "please have your husband call in"...arghhh!!!!!!

Swizzlepop said...

SO that's how you get all the new people in your house. Can't wait to hear stories about the newbies. Maybe they will teach you how to make some yummy Peruvian food?
Polly looks so cute. She must have run a lot and earned oodles of APs. glad the new router is working.