Friday, January 25


No pictures today. Paparrazi is on strike until Britney shows a little sanity.

Aah, I love sleeping in. That's what this morning was all about. I got up, weighed myself (still up 2.4 but I'm not worried.. that should hopefully be gone by my weigh in come Tuesday), made Bullseye toast which I can't for the life of me remember who I got it from... so sorry about that but I just had to say that it turned out quite good! Now, I'm lounging around the house in my jammies that have pink lips on them (thank you Victoria's Secret) and killing time (lurking) until I have to go to work. I'll be in Philly working the Home Show (anyone wana come? I have free tickets for you!) tonight so I get to be a bum this morning. Yay!

Ok, now about my "seriously?" news... Banana on the floor? Dishes in the sink? Belongings strewn about the living room like it was the scene of a violent crime? DVD case on the floor? Glasses back in the cupboard that haven't been washed and I can tell what was in them? Dirty dishes in random places in my house?

You'd think I lived in a boy's dorm. I don't. This is my house which THEY (the precious girls) have been invited to live in. Oh, btw, I got new girls in exchange for the ones who loved my place so much that they left to go back and live with their stinky boyfriends. Now I get the whole "I lived with mommy for 900 years so they probably never did anything for themselves" but c'mon. Actually, I lied. I don't get it. I moved out at 17. To another state. 500 miles away. I wasn't always responsible, neat, organized but I'd like to think I was at least considerate enough to not treat the homes or dorms I lived in like they were hotels. I'm not fuming, not even a little mad. Just... incredulous I guess the word is...

Here is my love letter to them:

Dear Girls,

Please remember to clean up after yourselves at Hotel Tina. The maids have all quit so we have to do our own work. :)

Have a good day and try not to work too hard.





Swizzlepop said...

LOL, love the note. Considering how many new girls you have coming in and out of Hotel Tina I think you should put together a binder like they have at hotels but include the rules of the house, fun stuff to do in the area etc. (you know how I love rules! :D)

This way you give it to then when they arrive and it's just standard welcoming procedure ya know.

So are ya gonna be on TV while working on the home show?

Steph said...

God you are a saint.......I probably would have been close to killing someone!! Hang in there - maybe they just need a gentle reminder??? If that doesn't work then a hard kick in the azz should do it!

Good luck!

Amanda said...

I love the letter!!! They can't all be as great as the one group you had, but hey.....those girls will forever be in your heart!

These girls sound like my baby sister. :) Never had to do anything for themselves--somehow it just all miraculously got done!

Kate said...

Ahhh I have a roommate who has lived with me almost 3 years who seems to think I'm hotel Kate, an all inclusive. I cook, clean, pick up after her...she's got it made! Fun Isn't it ;) I almost forget it's MY house

melissious said...

Darnit, I thought you were going to post pictures of banana on floor, dishes in sink, etc. Oh well. Words are worth a thousand pictures, right? hmmmmm, something doesn't sound right there... ;)